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Gasps – Idioms by The Free Dictionary – To gasp or pant heavily due to having difficulty breathing, as after strenuous activity or holding one’s breath. Kelsey’s head popped out of the water, and she started gasping for breath. The kids sprinted up the steps and were gasping for breath by the time they arrived on the fourth floor.

Then, a gasp from the television and a trickle of blood from the side of Daenerys’ mouth brought applause, a couple of expletives and a few more gasps from the audience as they realized Danaerys.

The Stepford Wives (2004 film) – Wikiquote – The Stepford Wives is a 2004 american black comedy/science fiction film. The film is a remake of the 1975 film of the same name. The film was directed by Frank Oz with a screenplay by Paul Rudnick and stars Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick, Bette Midler, Christopher Walken, Faith Hill and Glenn Close. Directed by Frank Oz and written by Paul Rudnick.

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Applauds – definition of applauds by The Free Dictionary – (pld) vb. 1. to indicate approval of (a person, performance, etc) by clapping the hands. 2. (usually tr) to offer or express approval or praise of (an action, person, or thing): I applaud your decision.

Gasp | Definition of Gasp at – [gasp, gahsp] See more synonyms for gasp on noun. a sudden, short intake of breath, as in shock or surprise. a convulsive effort to breathe. a short, convulsive utterance: the words came out in gasps.

Midsommar – USA, 2019 – –  · ”We should also probably take a moment to applaud the film’s costume design, which takes some memorable turns as the film goes on. The whole thing looks great [.] It doesn’t break the folk horror mold, and didn’t really frighten me in the traditional sense, but.

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Voldemort: Origins of the Heir review: a fun-free Harry Potter fan film lifted by magical effects – No, as it turns out, but there is much to applaud along the way. Hogwarts alumna Grisha McLaggen. There threatens to be some levity later on when Riddle encounters a wealthy collector who gasps,

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STPC15/Image Gallery | Pretty Cure Wiki | FANDOM powered. – The girls and fairies applaud mao. madoka says this is the first performance to really impress her. The first item to be auctioned.. Madoka gasps as her Star Color Pendant reacts to the new item. The girls and Prunce react to the appearance of the Princess Star Color Pen.

Gasp | Definition of Gasp by Merriam-Webster – Gasp definition is – to catch the breath convulsively and audibly (as with shock). How to use gasp in a sentence.. – Robert C. O’Brien In the next hour lemieux drew gasps from the crowd half a dozen more times.